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Recovery tonic

To help prevent losing more valuable nutrients and to provide your pastures and crops with a kick start, here is a recovery tonic to get started.

1. Apply Soil Life at 20L ha. Soil Life consists of a wide variety of effective, beneficial, non-pathogenic aerobic and cultured anaerobic micro-organism (EM). It needs to be fermented on site to achieve the natural fermented process and the anaerobic microbes will help open up the soil and bring the much-needed oxygen back into the soil. 20L Soil Life will extend to 200L. Cost $ 135.00 plus GST (after extending and activating cost is around $ .69 per L). Add in Boron and good quality Kelp as well.

2. For soil that has been saturated and has become anaerobic, deliver oxygen into the soil by using hydrogen peroxide (H202). When sprayed out, one O molecule escapes into the plant/soil, leaving H20 (water) behind. Dilute 1L H202 per ha with about 3 L per ha of molasses in a 500L tank. Spray later in the day to get benefit of the dew to distribute into the soil.

3. Apply Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Sulphur as needed. We suggest to use our DE 2-4mm grade, easier for spreading. Our DE Super Fine is used in the DE backrubs but is too fine to spread over a large area.

4. If you are using Biodynamic, broadcaster or radionics use 505 and 508 in tandem. Oak Bark 505 uses calcium and carbon to reduce nitrates to amino acids in both soil and leaf. Limits lush, undisciplined growth. Promotes good form and protects against diseases and fungal attacks when used with 508. 508 works with amorphous fluid silica to strengthen cell walls, connective tissues, and transport vessels. Hardens and prevents weak, watery growth.

When using the broadcaster place the reagents (Hydrogen peroxide, molasses, 505, 508) at the base of the broadcaster so it touches the pipe and soil. Check for how long each reagents needs to be broadcasted. Add in additional reagents if needed like Boron, Kelp, Nitrogen, Calcium, Potassium.

Using radionics is probably the easiest and quickest way to apply these energies to the land. By analysing the Soil Worksheet, you get a good understanding what is needed at this stage for the crop and these rates can be broadcasted immediately and also by adding physical reagents (Boron, Calcium etc.) to the broadcast.

After it the soil dries out we are able to take continue with the regular program again.

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