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Solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

Hands in the Soil
How we can help you

Led by agronomist Heinz Gugger, we are a full-service

consulting firm specialising in sustainable, alternative,

and organic farming and cropping systems.



For agronomy advice, we prepare nutrition programs that enable farmers to farm with less or no dependence on chemical, pesticides, and fungicides by restoring soil and plant health. We also use highly specialized labs for soil, leaf and biological testing and work with each individual grower to create customized program.

​​Agrionics, is a technique and process we use that utilises specialized scalar instruments to analyze, broadcast and imprint frequencies is used to enhance crop performance and deter pests.


Water divining water allows us to locate the optimal drilling site and determine, depth and flow of the water.

We source and sell Diatomaceous Earth in grades from super fine to kitty liter grade in various quanities from 20kg to tonne bags for horticulture, broad-acre, cattle, viticulture, home gardeners, greenhouses, dairies, and small crop.

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DE Bag
Latest Articles

The most comprehensive assortment of DE

We've expanded our packaging sizes and product assortment so we can offer you a comprehensive range of Diatomaceous Earth grades and packaging sizes for all applications and uses.


Heavy-Duty Diatomaceous Earth Backrub

Our specifically designed DE Backrub helps with flies and other things.

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