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Led by our agronomist and agricultural consultant Heinz Gugger, we are a full service agronomy consulting company who also represent and exclusively distribute a variety of different fertilizers and Diatomaceous Earth products for horticulture, broad-acre, cattle, viticulture, home gardeners, greenhouses, dairies, and small crop. All these new high performing products are unique and consistently outperform synthetic fertilisers in chemical and biological farming systems.

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Holistic Farming is a full-service consulting firm specialising in sustainable, alternative, and organic farming and cropping systems, led by agronomist Heinz Gugger. We prepare nutrition programs that enable farmers to farm with less or no dependence on chemical, pesticides, and fungicides by restoring soil and plant health. We use highly specialized labs for soil, leaf and biological testing and work with each individual grower to create customized program. We also integrate agrionics which is using specialized scalar instruments to analyze, broadcast and imprint frequencies to enhance crop performence and deter pests. We get called on for divining water or double checking the site before drilling starts.

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Protect crops against frost

Protect your orchard against frost

The first frost doesn’t have to not mean the end of your harvest. Taking a few minutes to protect tender crops can save your crop and extend your harvest.We talk about and look at a few products that can help fend of frost and talk about the key benefits of Silica, Potassium and Frost Guard.

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Weeds and what they tell you


When soils are left bare or sprayed with a herbicide, nature is designed to bring up various weeds to cover and protect the soil. All over the world farmers are losing the war on weeds and in some countries, certain weeds can no longer be controlled.