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Agronomy Services

Soil Tests

We use a variety of different soil testing methods to get the best data possible to maximise soil nutrition, biological activity, build soil structure, address field limitations and nutritional demands during the growing season. Our full Soil Reports will give you full integrated recommendations designed for your farm and application methods.


The tests will show the soluble portion of the soil which is what plants are able to take up in the soluble form. In conjunction to this we also undertake an unique Total Soil Test which shows what is locked up in the soil. Instead of spending extra dollars on inputs, the aim is to make these locked up nutrients available to the plant.

Leaf Tests

An easy, quick, simple, and very cost-effective way to make sure that nutrients are being absorbed by the plants. This shows what the plant is able to solubilize and utilize.


This will then determine the fertilizer program to provide the adequate nutrition to balance the deficiencies and bring the nutrient requirements, at that stage of the crop cycle, back into the proper ratio and balance again. This is mostly done with a liquid foliar application. With the right products this is very cost effective and beneficial for the plant and crop.

We focus on the entire holistic farming system (that is why we call ourselves Holistic Farming). This means we are not just looking at the symptom we are looking and working with the system. Our focus is also on a biological and or organic system where we transition, support and coach farmers from a chemical system to a more sustainable system.

Our system with customers has shown us a major reduction in inputs without loss of yield. It is a partnership with an understanding which makes this system work and enjoyable. We work with customer all over Australia and overseas.

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