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Australian Diatomaceous Earth

What is Diatomaceous Earth – Amorphous Silica?​
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or Amorphous Silica is the fossilized remains of Diatoms (a prehistoric phytoplankton). Diatoms extract silica from the water as it is essential to their survival. When the Diatoms die, they sink to the bottom of water ways leaving behind their silica rich skeletons. Our DE is not commercially heat treated rather naturally dried. This keeps the full integreity of the diatoms.
​Diatomaceous Earth is a totally natural and organic product which is suitable for use on certified organic enterprises. In Animal Health, in Agriculture and Building/Manufacturing Industry.

Our Australian mined DE comes in 4 different grades, Super Fine, 2-4mm Poultry, Fine-8mm and 2-8mm.

Availalbe in 1T bulk, 20kg, 5kg, 2kg and 1kg bags.

Not all amorphous silica in the market is from an organic, fresh water source and offers the highest-grade quality. Here a few points to check.

  1. Check colour. The whiter the product the better the quality

  2. Check, compare and analyse each product. Below our DE analysis:

  3. Ask for a heavy metal anlysis.


Our DE grades
1 - Finest .jpg


2 .jpg

2-4mm / Poultry



5 - largest.jpg


Our DE Bag Sizes
All bags.PNG

Our Diatomaceous Earth comes in a variety of sizes and bag types to suit every type of Diatomaceous Earth need from home gardens and pets to commercial and large scale agriculture. Custom bags and private label options are availble.

Disclaimer: Holistic Farming does not make any claim that our diatomaceous earth products have any particular effects for vetinary or agricultural use - please use your own discretion and investigations as to the possible benefits of diatomaceous earth.

Call to place an order, get pricing or to discuss the best options for you and your land or livestock.  
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