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 High Performance DE Backrub


​​Heavy-Duty | High Performance | Australian Made & Quality

Our specifically designed DE Backrub offers safe, effective and affordable help for the comfort of the animal.


​​​​​​​​This heavy-duty backrub filled with our specifically milled fine grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and cattle can rub against, play with or walk under the backrub hung in a paddock, yard, pen or between two gate posts.

The DE Backrub holds up to 20kg of our fine grade DE and can be refilled without having to move the bag from its hanging position. Simply open the heavy-duty zipper and refill the DE. No unhooking necessary, making it a convenient and no fuss solution. Engineered, tested, and manufactured right here in Australia, the DE Backrub is designed specifically to withstand our harsh and diverse Australian conditions.
Our natural Australian mined Diatomaceous Earth Fine Grade is specifically milled and graded.
Call to place an order, get pricing or to discuss the best options for you and your land or livestock.  
DE Backrub with yellow DE Backrub logo
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